The Lyme Conspiracy The Lyme Conspiracy
What if a single strain of bacteria were responsible for over three hundred diseases affecting Americans today including: Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? And what if the federal government is responsible for the outbreak of these bacteria?

Ben is the perfect assassin. A former Navy SEAL with several combat kills, Ben was recruited out of the military by the CIA for one reason; to terminate any potential threats to the federal government. His new mission is to eliminate a series of threats that are attempting to expose top secret biological warfare experiments that were conducted at the Plum Island Infectious Disease Center in Long Island New York.

Connecticut State Police Detective Taylor Marshall is contending with an all boys club at work. When she is assigned a homicide case involving a retired government scientist that worked on Plum Island, she is determined to solve the case to prove herself to her peers, while finding justice for the victim. After a second former Plum Island scientist is killed in Long Island, Taylor is convinced a killer targeted these old friends in order to keep a sinister government secret from being exposed. As the investigation blossoms, Taylor and investigative reporter, Gary Mitchell, join together in a race to find the truth about what happened on Plum Island and who is committing murder to cover it up. When Gary is nearly killed in a hit and run, Taylor realizes they too have become targets. Determined to find the killer, Taylor knows she must outsmart a ruthless assassin in order to neutralize him before he gets to her.

         Plum Island Animal Disease Center