Joseph J. Bradley Novels Novels

             THE LAST SEASON

When Beth receives the results from
the paternity test, she refuses to
believe the truth. She is convinced
her husband, Daniel, is the father of
her child, even though he claims to
be sterile. Who is Justin’s father? As
Justin grows, it becomes clear that
he has a special gift. He begins
performing miracles and gaining
national media attention.
Meanwhile, in Paris, FBI Agent
James Adams is investigating a
terrorist cell. After taking down the
terrorists, he locates a mysterious
dagger with a serpent-engraved
handle and discovers a cryptic
computer file he cannot decipher.
Adams and his new partner, Agent
Sara Kimball, begin investigating the
evidence and, with the help of a
friend in the CIA, Adams breaks the
code. What he finds brings them to
Pinehaven, Vermont, where they
discover a connection between their
investigation and Justin.

Is this international conspiracy
uncovered by the agents powerful
enough to destroy the world?

Soon after Chris Gennaro buys a winning $9 million lottery ticket, his bludgeoned body is found floating in the marina near his small boat. A few days later, his older brother, Nick, cashes in the ticket, leading his father, Nicholas "Nicky the Butcher" Gennaro, to suspect that Nick might be responsible for Chris's death. 
Since Nicholas has life-long connections to the Patriarca crime family, he decides to avenge the murder of his favorite son and orders a hit on his other son, Nick. But when breaking evidence shows that Nick is innocent of Chris's murder, Nicholas is distraught. Now a new question must be answered: who killed Chris Gennaro? 

With nonstop action and intrigue, "Ticket to Paradise" combines the drama of family tragedy, murder, and money.

                    BOTTLE PARK

Middleborough Detective Jake Waterfield, who is African American, is contending with the racial bigotry of his era and the questioning of his faith as he investigates murder, corruption, and the abuse of children at the hands of a catholic priest.

The unsolved murder of altar boy, Robert Anderson, has plagued Jake Waterfield for nearly two decades. As a rookie patrolman, Jake was the first officer to respond to the scene of the crime. Now a homicide detective, Jake is assigned the cold case that has haunted the community ever since the boy’s bludgeoned body was found in Bottle Park. As the investigation begins to unfold, Jake and his new partner, Randy Applebee, are uncovering missing evidence, corruption, and cover-ups involving the District Attorney, the Bishop, and a Middleborough Police Officer. While they fear the case involves a conspiracy, the detectives are puzzled by several potential murder suspects including: a catholic priest and two sociopath schoolmates of the victim. When they begin to dive into the bowels of the investigation, the two detectives must make some difficult choices that could jeopardize their careers or even worse.

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